The Infamous Kabocha Squash …

So I have kind of been haunted by something lately … it’s a little thing called kabocha squash. Everywhere I turn I am hearing about this squash … I’ve seen pictures, read about it and have also heard that people are totally obsessed with it. They seriously can’t eat enough of this squash! I was at Sprouts last week and guess what? I turn the corner and BAM! there is a humungous display of KABOCHA SQUASH! It was $0.99 per lb. on sale. I said to myself “This freaking squash is following me … it must be a sign … I better buy one” So I put it in my cart and took it home. It’s been sitting in my kitchen for a week now. I looked at today and decided to roast it up! I washed it, then with the sharpest knife in my block I tried to cut it. Lets just say that cutting this squash was like cutting into concrete. After about 30 minutes of really going at this squash with my knife, I finally had it all cut up. I spread it out on my baking sheet and the rest is history! This squash is super tasty, roasts beautifully, and is really good for you! Here is what I did to make it ..


-1 Kabocha squash
-Olive oil spray
-Sea Salt
-Cayanne pepper


This is the knife I used … It is so sharp and could seriously cut a finger off … but even with this knife it was HARD to cut this squash!!



Here’s what the inside looks like



The seeds need to be taken out so it will look like this


I sliced it up, sprayed olive oil and sprinkled the sea salt, pepper and cayanne on it … It was quite the workout! If you attempt this be super careful! I had a few close calls!


I had the oven pre-heated at 350 while I was cutting this up. I put it in the oven for 35-40 min at 350. This is what came out of the oven … toasty, golden goodness! Low in calories too!


Now I’m off to find some other things to roast!!! xoxo


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