About Louie Loves Lettuce

My name is Sierra. I love to cook, I love my cat Louie, and Louie loves lettuce (really she does)! I have struggled with my weight for years … I belonged to Weight Watchers for a long time and would lose weight but then I would plateau for awhile before yo-yo-ing back and forth. I could never figure it out … I was following the program, counting my “points”, exercising like a nut, and doing everything “right” or so I thought. After researching and learning through my own trials and tribulations I found that I wasn’t losing the weight, because the “points” system is screwed up (like really seriously screwed up)! I ditched the program along with the Lean Cuisines and other “Zero Point”, “sugar free”, chemical filled crap and started to eat REAL food! Food that my body needs to function, not processed franken-foods that are manufactured in factories. As a result, I am stronger, gaining more muscle, not hungry, and feel all around better by eating clean whole foods. I love experimenting with them too! That’s what this blog is about … clean food cooked with love!

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Louie & I


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