A semi treat meal, The Bachelor finale, grain free pizza and a scary Tuesday

One of my favorite meals of all time is homemade tostadas with spanish rice on the side. It’s not the healthiest, cleanest meal in the world, but it’s not the worst!! I had been craving carbs all last week, so Sunday night I thought that maybe I need listen to my body and make a semi treat meal for my husband & I. I decided to lighten up my favorite meal and make that! If you ever want a good treat/cheat meal, this is a good one to try! The whole meal is under 500 calories if you can believe that!

This rice is adapted from my my mom’s recipe. I’ve changed the seasoning up a little bit, but it’s pretty much the same as hers.

-2 tbsp olive oil
-1 cup of medium or long grain white rice
-1 can of diced tomatoes
-1 can of low sodium chicken broth
-2 tsp sea salt
-1 tbsp garlic powder
-1 tsp red pepper flakes
-black pepper to taste

You will need to use a large non-stick skillet type pan with a tightly fitting lid. Heat pan on med-low heat. Add oil, add rice and brown the rice lightly (watch it carefully it can burn pretty quick)! . After rice is browned turn the heat to a low summer and add the tomatoes with the juice, the chicken broth and all seasonings (FYI the pan will sizzle up pretty good when you add the tomatoes and broth so don’t stand too close)! Stir gently and put lid on.

Simmer with lid on for 30-35 min. The finished masterpiece will look like this!


To lighten up the tostada part of this meal, I made my own tostada shells! They were soooo good!! Better than store bought or fried ones!! Plus they were so easy!

I put 4 corn tortillas on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper and lightly sprayed them with olive oil spray (both sides of tortilla) and baked in a pre-heated oven at 350 for 10-15 min.


Finished shells look and taste amazing! I’m thinking I can use these for an array of recipes! I know that I’m not re-inventing the wheel here, but these shells made me so excited!


I topped my shell with 1/2 cup of fat free beans, 1 oz of grass fed beef, lettuce, tomatoes, nonfat Greek yogurt and hot sauce


The calorie count on one tostada with toppings is approx. 265 calories.

The calorie count on the spanish rice is approx. 218 calories for 1 serving (full recipe serves 4)

A really good, filling treat meal for under 500 calories??? Yes please!!!

Monday night was a big event … The finale of The Bachelor!!! I was excited to watch, but at the same time I was kind of sad (yes, I’m kind of weird)! I became a little obsessed with this show. Normally I don’t get this over the moon for a tv show but for some reason I got really invested in this one. It’s now Wednesday and I’m still a little sad that its over.

Anyway … I had to make something special to eat for the finale. I felt that a pizza would be perfect! So I made one of my favorite grain free pizza recipes from one of my favorite blogs! Stuft Mama Pizza This crust is so easy to make and is so tasty! I topped mine with pizza sauce, 1 string cheese, tomato, rosemary ham, and fresh jalapeƱos.

300 calories ( including my toppings) for all this deliciousness! Amazing right?

Back to The Bachelor. The finale was a nail biter! I was surprised at the end. I really did not see that coming!


Yesterday I found out that Sean is going to be on Dancing with the Stars. I have never watched that show, but now I am!! My heart is not as broken now because at least I can see him on DWTS! Haha.


On a more serious note … Yesterday I had to take my mom to the ER … She was so sick and really scared my sisters and I. She had some tests and a catscan done. Long story short she was hit with a horrible migraine. So glad it was nothing more serious, but it was quite a scare! The reason I mention this on a blog for healthy food, is because after being in the ER at the hospital for 6 hours yesterday I saw a lot of terrible things back there. You don’t really (I mean REALLY) realize the value of your health until you are in an ER. That is the last place you want to be! Yesterday gave me even more motivation to do what I’m doing! Health is the only thing we have! If you don’t have your health, then you have nothing. What is health? Food. What’s the quickest way to the ER? Food. It’s the food you choose that determines where you will end up. I choose health! What about you??? My goal with this blog is to help anyone that wants help eating clean! It’s the only way to go!

I got to end the day on a happier note


Louie was happy to see me yesterday too. Can’t you tell????




A life changing smoothie, and a love hate relationship with a staircase

Since the beginning of this year, I’ve started walking 2 miles on the beach every Sunday. After my walk I walk/run the giant horrible staircase there. This is kind of embarrassing to admit, but when I started this weekly walk & stairs, I was only able to do 1 set of stairs (barely) after my walk. Halfway up I would need to stop to catch my breath before I could actually finish the staircase. I am now able to do TWO sets of stairs without stopping after my walk. This is a pretty big deal for me!

The set of stairs is on the larger side of staircases (or at least that’s what I think)! This is my view on the way down. I absolutely hate this part for many reasons that I will get into at another time.


This is my view on the way up. See! It is a big staircase! It is so much harder on the way up. Feels like my quads are on fire at this point


I love the feeling of being done. It’s a real sense of accomplishment. On another note … How gorgeous is this view?? The ocean smelled amazing too.


Anyway … After my walk I made an insanely delicious smoothie. I put 1/2 cup of nonfat greek yogurt, 1 cup of unsweetened vanilla almond milk, 1 scoop of vanilla whey protein powder, 2 tbsp of PB2 and a few dashes of cinnamon in my Nutribullet and blended it up. I put another dash of cinnamon on top to make it decorative. Seriously the best smoothie that I have ever made.


It’s life changing. You MUST try it!

I just realized that I have lost track of time. I hate when that happens! I was going to post some more stuff! Like a Spanish rice recipe!

Oh well … that will have to wait until tomorrow.


The never ending day, paleo meatloaf and a mustard roasted potatoes experiment

Today was one of those days where I wanted to hide from the world! I had a workout from hell, a weird headache and was just in an all around pretty bad mood and it seemed like the longest day in history! I won’t bore you with the details of that right now! I’ll wait until tomorrow to do that šŸ˜¬

Anyhow I made Everyday Paleo Meatloaf & cabbage “noodles” last week and didn’t post it so here it is. *Note: I’ve made this several times. I leave out the onion, and only use 1/2 cup of almond meal. I’ve made it with 1 cup before and I think it’s too much.

Everyday Paleo Meatloaf

For the cabbage noodles, I take one head of cabbage, take the core out, the slice it in thin strips, put in a pan sprayed with olive oil spray, add a few shakes of paprika, sea salt and pepper. Cook with lid on for about 20 min on med-high heat, stirring occasionally. Noodles are done once they are tender!




I made some mustard roasted potatoes tonight and they turned out ahhhmazing!!!! I will post the recipe tomorrow!!


I’m ending my night with Southland and this!


Sweet dreams!!

Green Drank!

I have experimented with protein drink recipes and this one is the best … It tastes good, is filling, high in nutrients and low in calories! Most of the time I do not add the banana, but I needed more food today and had a banana so I threw it in. Normally it’s just almond milk, vanilla whey, and spinach.

-1 cup unsweetened vanilla almond milk (I like almond breeze the best)
-1 scoop of natural vanilla whey protein powder
-1 big handful of raw spinach (approx. 1-2 cups)
*optional 1/2 banana or other fruit if you’d like

Put all ingredients in a blender (I use a Nutribullet), blend and drink!


JalapeƱo Gorgonzola Burgers

I love burgers and I love Gorgonzola cheese and I love to combine the two! This time I had a jalapeƱo so I diced it up and added it to these! So good!

-1 lb. organic ground beef
-1 large fresh jalapeƱo minced
-2 tsp. garlic powder
– salt & pepper to taste
-crumbly Gorgonzola (trader joes has a good one)!

In a large bowl add ground beef, minced jalapeƱo, garlic powder, salt & pepper and mix well by hand. Even out beef in bowl so it’s level and make a cross with your hand so that you have 4 even sized burger portions. Take burger portions and shape into patties. Grill on both sides for about 20 min or until the burgers are fully cooked. Top with a small chunk of Gorgonzola and serve! Tasty tasty!!!!



Turkey Sweet Potato Hash

I’m fighting off a cold, so I thought it was a great night to make this. Loaded with garlic & jalapeƱo … This is sure to make me feel better! nourishing and tastes so good! I should mention that I don’t love ground turkey on its own, but this mixture I could eat ground turkey every night!

-2 tbsp. olive oil
-1 package of extra lean ground turkey
-2 medium sweet potatoes
-1-2 fresh jalapeƱo’s (depending on how hot you like it)
-4 garlic cloves
-2 tsp. chili powder
-2 tsp. ground cumin
-Salt & pepper to taste

Cut sweet potato into quarters, peel garlic and cut jalapeƱo in half. Put those 3 items into a food processor. Pulse until all is finely chopped/minced.

In a large non stick pan add olive oil and ground turkey. Cook on medium heat. Brown turkey halfway thru, then add sweet potato, jalapeƱo and garlic mixture. Cook on medium heat for approx 40-45 min. Until bottom is golden brown.

I like to serve this with an over easy egg on top and then top it all with Sriracha sauce! This tastes amazing!!



Healing red lentil soup

This soup has serious magic powers! It is natures remedy to any cold! Eat it for dinner and wake up the next day feeling ten times better! If I ever start feeling like I’m getting sick, I make this soup, eat it and never get the cold! Since a lot of people I know are sick right now I thought it was a good time to post this!

-2 tbsp olive oil
-1-1/2 cup red lentils
-15 oz can diced tomatoes
-2 tbsp. ground cumin
-4 cloves of garlic, minced
-1 tbsp. honey
-3 bay leaves
-1 tbsp red wine vinegar
-1/2 cup nonfat plain Greek yogurt
-salt & pepper to taste

Heat oil in large Dutch oven or pot over low heat. Add garlic and sautƩ until soft. Stir in red lentils and cumin and cook for 1 minute, making sure the lentils are coated with the oil and cumin. Stir in tomatoes, honey, bay leaves, and 7 cups of water. Season with salt & pepper and bring to a boil.

Cover the pan and reduce heat to a low simmer for 20 minutes. Lentils should be soft and the soup should be thick. Remove bay leaves, stir in vinegar and serve with dollops of yogurt

Serves approx. 8
Approx. 211 calories per serving